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Research and feedback are two parallel streams that keep the momentum of a society going. Sizzling Ginger believes in sustainable organic growth at the micro level to bring an impact at the macro level.  Supporting this core belief, our research team spends months on a given recipe in our food lab to deliver the best combinations of organic natural foods and herbs using unique preparation techniques for each recipe.

While the inception phase starts with an idea of flavor, it is just a drop in the ocean. The true test comes in integrating the seasonal fresh ingredients with the selection of herbs based on ancient wisdom combined with pharmacology, local temperature, barometric pressure and more. This leads to the development of our detailed blue print for the initial phase.

Conception phase starts with getting real serious by building different samples, testing through our entrusted sources, and passing the winning samples through our palette testers for flavor and crowd acceptability.

Delivery phase; the most challenging and exciting phase, begins with launching the product to our extended family directly through our channels.  That is just the beginning of the fun…

Our team is constantly looking for ways to augment modern research with ancient wisdom. There is an abundance of research drawing attention to the micro-biome and the connection between the gut and mental health. This research is putting what traditional practitioners have said for ages into a measurable form. We strive to synergize these wisdoms of the holistic traditions with the efficiency of allopathic medicine. By staying vigilant for new discoveries and studies, we are better able to educate ourselves to combat real world issues with effective combinations of new and old world solutions. Our current focus is to further deepen our exposure to research, and build products not only to quench your hunger but to fulfill your soul.