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A Pepperdine graduate who desires to work with people and animals in a healthy and healing environment. Leanna Schroeder has years of experience in working with animals of all shapes and sizes. She has experience with horses, cows, donkeys, llamas, goats, pigs, emus and of course all sorts of normal household pets. Her understanding of the power of animals to help heal is very personal. As a Division 1
sand volleyball player at Pepperdine, she sustained a severe concussion during a practice and almost had to drop out of school due to the ensuing depression. She had thoughts of suicide and it wasn’t until she brought home a new kitten that she began to heal and rediscover the healing power of animals. Her companionship with her cat provided her with comfort and helped her to get back on a healthy track. She is empathetic and caring and looks forward to taking care of and training the animals on the ranch. One of Leanna’s greatest dreams is combine her passion for health and healing with her love for animals. She learnt about Sizzling Ginger in 2017, and joined the team in 2018.


 I am an American singer, songwriter, actress born in Nyack, New York. I struggled with health issues all my life, especially stomach and chronic pain. I missed almost three months of high school because I was in such agony for so long- doctors had to put me on intense medication to aid the pain which in return made it hard to function in everyday life. 
I decided one day during my senior year that this was not ok and not how I wanted to spend my life (especially my senior year) I started to do tons of research and learned about holistic health. I became a certified health coach as well as learning more and more about physical fitness / weight lifting. 
Fast forward to now, I am a whole food plant based vegan who has experienced first hand the healing effect of food & ones intentions with the food they are consuming. 
When I found sizzling ginger, I was in such awe. To find a company who truly infuses their foods with such love and healing properties- I had to jump on board!! Honored to be a part of this family! “ 


Recent college grad, runner, and passionate plant based advocate. I was born and raised on the west side of Los Angeles where I was thankful to be exposed to the vegan lifestyle and given access to some of the best vegan food in the world. I transformed my health by reversing my genetic high cholesterol through this lifestyle. Being introduced to sizzling Ginger was an instant game changer- the results were clear. They made me feel more balanced, satisfied, and energized than ever before. I knew I wanted to be apart of this company to help spread their message in any capacity I could.


I’m one of the new members of Sizzling Ginger. I’m Armenian and  grew up in the Armenia where botanical medicine is heavily incorporated into the culture. I had an interest in herbology most of my life and became a Sizzling Ginger costumer in 2017! I have experienced deep healing through our products and decided to finally join the team in 2019. I’m currently studying biology at UCLA and feel a calling to study holistic medicine with an influence from Ayurvedic practices. I have experienced the true healing powers of herbs on my own self, not only physically but mentally and spiritually, and hope to share this gift of the Divine with other human beings as I dive deeper into the knowledge.


Scott is a writer, actor, and baker from New York City. He moved from NYC to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue his dreams and a healthier lifestyle. He got introduced to Sizzling Ginger selling his sour dough bread in the booth next to them in Brentwood. Once he tried Sizzling Ginger’s products and saw how it helped improve his skin and energy he got hooked! Scott joined the team in March 2019, bringing his knowledge of sour dough bread and passion for clean, vegan food.



I am one of  the newest member of our team, a singer writer and Plant Pathologist. I  recently  became acquainted with the Sizzling Ginger mission. My personal journey of health and finding cure in herbs and plants have made me an avid plant medicine researcher. I grew up in So Cal has spent lot of time researching CBD and its impact on human health  Once I heard about Sizzling Ginger and their integration of food pharmacology with the ancient healing traditions I  could barely wait to  get involved.


A sun loving surfer dude born and raised in Southern California. His quick wit and sharp mind took him many places in life, but he gained a whole new set of skills and demeanor once he found Sizzling Ginger. It was a fateful day in Malibu when he met our teacher and had his life make a sharp turn onto the path of health, healing and happiness. Before that fateful day, he was a patent researcher, spending his nine to five on work that he found unfulfilling and dull. After trying our products, he took a leap of faith and joined the team to get involved with spreading the gospel of the pharmacology of food, and the wealth of wisdom found through ancient healing traditions. Marc has proven himself time and again to be a powerhouse of enthusiasm that helps keep us all inspired, and a natural talent in the world of marketing and customer interface.