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Most think taste and flavor go hand in hand, but the subtle difference in their intrinsic value eludes the best. Taste can be defined as the chemical reaction that ensues after particular molecules interact with receptors on the tongue. In Ayurveda, there are 6 tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, and Astringent. Each of these tastes have an effect on the brain and the functioning of the digestive, hormonal, limbic, and pancreatic systems. Every signal is transmitted and transformed into reactions within their corresponding organs. For example, sweet tastes send a signal to the pancreas to release insulin, which signals the rest of the body to prepare to take on glucose, a high-energy molecule. Every taste has a corresponding action that cascades throughout the entire system. Furthermore, taste receptors are found beyond the tongue and nose, and can be found in the lungs, stomach, and even the intestines. This means that the influence of taste goes beyond the mouth, and continues to effect the state of the physiology so long as stimuli is available (through the digestive tract).

This knowledge is well known in Ayurveda, and the tastes of food are valued to balance and effect the whole system throughout the entire process of digestion. This goes way beyond flavor, which is always the most obvious and vibrant qualities we experience when we eat, which are derived from the most prevalent base ingredients that give the food its most nutrient value. Taste, the influence of the herbs and their combinations with food, is the first step to the pharmacology of Sizzling Ginger. Flavor is what makes Sizzling Ginger so delicious. 

The flavor at Sizzling Ginger, is not just the flavor of the dominant ingredient, it is derived from fresh Organic choices and unique traditional cooking styles that preserve nutrient value, potency, and taste. Most categorize food as spicy and non-spicy, rarely identifying the true differences of spice. At Sizzling Ginger, we use spices from the freshest sources in their endemic locations. We don’t add salt because we utilize the sodium from the fresh produce instead of relying on additional shelf-stabilized sodium, which can not only imbalance the water content and neurological activity of the physiology, but affect the landscape of  flavors and tastes in each ingredient.

The flavors of our products will always be unique to Sizzling Ginger, because this is not restaurant style or homestyle , this is holistic style. We continuously strive to discover and create new recipes, all of which must go through our rigorous testing to assess flavor, taste, and influence on the physiology.  Our family and friends are the first to experience our newest products, and upon approval we bring them to you. Local organic sourcing has allowed us the confidence that we can be part of the solution in providing you a true nurturing diet. A diet, when combined with proper lifestyle and exercise, will manifest in a healthier, happier, more balanced you.

Enjoy the unique flavors in our food, because they are unique from our choice of ingredients to their source.