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Yuvi is a passionate leader with a sprawling career that has spanned over decades. After double majoring at CSU in Business Management and Management Information Systems, she took her degrees and pursued a conventional career. Over the years she has managed multi million dollar state projects and worked in Information Tech teams, but all the while her heart has been somewhere else. She always had a passion to be creative, helpful, and active in finding solutions to the issues that face humanity. So, with the guidance of her guru, she decided to pursue her dreams, and traveled to India to learn about Ayurveda, Wholistic living, and plant-based earth-friendly food. After several enlightening trips to the land of spice and spirit, she decided to bring her knowledge to the western world.

After her successful immersion into the realm of healing through food, she decided to move to Southern California and started working on recipes. With the help of her guru, an enigmatic turn-key in her life and the lives of many people around her, she developed these recipes based on the age old methodologies and practices long forgotten by industrialization. Her secret, and the thing that makes Sizzling Ginger products so powerful, is the combination of live and nutritious food with powerful Ayurvedic and ancient herbal combinations. She decided that the old practice of prescribed diet and supplemental herbs was not enough to catalyze the change that was needed to address many of the common ailments that plague the western world. So, she decided to combine the two, and the result has been profoundly successful.

With the right combinations of foods and herbs integrated into the same meal, these products have proved themselves time and time again to not only be delicious, but synergistic and effective. In addition to the ancient technologies used in herbal preparations, she has optimized the potency of the foods by charging them with purified crystalline matrices and healing Vedic sound frequencies. After bathing products in sound and the geometry of crystals, they are stabilized to resonate at a frequency of 7 hz, the frequency of the natural resting wake-state of the brain. This extra step is the cutting edge of  disease prevention, it reduces stress, mental fatigue, and EMF toxicity in the body, while promoting well-being and mental clarity. A new technology added to the gems of wisdom from those who came before.

The next step in her journey was to bring her healing products to the world, and get to know the communities we live in. So, she began to present in farmer’s markets, and since 2016 has expanded Sizzling Ginger’s reach into 20 markets across the great city of Los Angeles. The journey still continues, to make a positive impact, and slowly but surely help the greater cause of keeping our people and planet healthy.

      We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page for direct orders, to let us know your success stories with our products, or let us know how you think we can improve! Thanks for experiencing sizzling Ginger!