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At Sizzling Ginger  we are part of the solution – the solution that enables communities to enjoy food that is good for the taste buds, good for the body, and good for the planet. We believe that these foods should be readily available without being disruptive to lifestyle or to the environment.  We carefully craft limited quantities of holistic Vegan food combined with ancient Ayurvedic healing herbs and techniques to bring you the most nutritious, tasty, and healing foods one can consume. All produce is locally sourced, combined with ancient healing herbs from all over the world, freshly prepared, and delivered to local communities within hours of preparation to preserve the rich, mouthwatering sought-out flavors.

In addition to the ancient technologies used in our herbal preparations, all of our products are charged with purified crystalline matrices and healing Vedic sound frequencies. At Sizzling Ginger we acknowledge that our bodies are nothing but an accumulation of food, and this drives us to develop these techniques that make these accumulations profoundly beneficial to the consumer. When we bathe our products in sound and the geometry of crystals, they are stabilized to resonate at a frequency of 7 hz, the frequency of the natural resting wake-state of the brain. This extra step aids in reducing stress, mental fatigue, and EMF toxicity in the body, while promoting well-being and mental clarity.

We choose to bring products directly from our Kitchen to you, with through our new service Kitchen to DOOR™. We build relationships with our customers, personalizing selected products and meal plans according to physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The foods we provide are more than just sustenance, they are pharmacology. Each formulation is specifically designed to address different organs, issues, and imbalances within the body. Every formulation is carefully developed to synergize ancient knowledge of healing herbs with complementary catalyzing foods to create combinations that are potent, powerful, and profound.

Personalization allows that pharmacology to be honed in to each individual needs, resulting in maximum benefit. Our care for others doesn’t stop with our community members, but extends into our ecosystem and planetary family. We use the greenest methods accessible during our cooking process, favor farmer’s markets for their limited carbon footprint, and use recyclable/bio degradable packaging as much as possible.

Sizzling ginger is more than a food, it is a marriage between the healing technologies of old and new… Such as life, it must be experienced to be understood.